Hi! My name is Feline Zegers, I'm a freelance illustrator and photographer from the Netherlands currently living in the UK. I have a BA in Fine Art and Photography and am currently studying at Camberwell in London for my MA in Illustration. This blog is a collection of works made by me and some things that I find inspiring. Please visit my website at www.felinezegers.com

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Little colour experiment for one of the drawings in my MA project. Lots of work to do!

Some sketches for my uni project about The Erl King

Some sketches for my uni project about The Erl King.

Colouring this at the moment as a test piece for my MA project.

Made a little practice piece over the holidays. Kinda like this style of colouring. Don’t know what else to do with it at the moment so here you go…

:) x

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Todays experiment. It’s a drawing, with a bit of collage.

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Work in progress…..

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Will put these up for sale when they’re finished :)


Feline Zegers, 2013

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I’m having fun with this. Just sketching away, part of a personal project :). On a side note, I’ve noticed that drawing a nice bum is pretty difficult haha!

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Yes still working on this….think I know what I want know, just don’t know about the shirt yet but I’ll get there. 

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I tried to be looser, faster…..and not think too much, don’t know if it worked haha but I’ll leave it here for now. 

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More lines…..time for some colour now :)

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Don’t even know…..30 min sketch

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For fun…..quick drawing/practice of Felice Fawn.