Feline Zegers is a freelance illustrator and photographer currently living and studying in the UK. Please visit the website here: www.felinezegers.com

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Feline Zegers, 2014.

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A demon girl sketch? Some practice with a new brush. Will turn it into a bigger piece later on!

Old sketch, new ideas and colour….work in progress!

'Only the sweetest singers he will keep'
After The Erl King, by Angela Carter

Feline Zegers, 2014.

'The Erl King will do you grievous harm'
After The Erl King, by Angela Carter

Feline Zegers, 2014. 

Come have a look if you’re in London! The show is on till the 23rd of July at Camberwell College in Peckham. There’s lots of beautiful work for sale as well!

Making a watercolor jungle from sketchbook scribbles.

'The trees stir with noises of women who have lost themselves'
After The Erl King by Angela Carter
Original print 100 cm x 70 cm

Feline Zegers, 2014.


(Uploaded in two sections so it can be viewed bigger!)

'Mother, mother, you have murdered me!'
After The Erl King, by Angela Carter

Feline Zegers, 2014.

Another sketchbook page. Ink, watercolour and coloured pencil.

'You can keep me in one of your cages and mock my loss of liberty'
After The Erl King, by Angela Carter

Feline Zegers, 2014.

One of the final images for my graduation project, inspired by the short story The Erl King by Angela Carter. The whole series of images (5 in total) were a big learning curve, especially in terms of drawing backgrounds instead of portraits. Exhibited at Camberwell College of Arts in London from the 16th of july!

A while ago I was asked to contribute work to The Black Cat issue of Wayward Arts Magazine. The entire magazine would consist of spreads made by different artists & art directors, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat. I had the opportunity to work with Andrew Passas for direction and together we made the first spread after the title. As a reader, you are able to fold the spread across the folding lines to reveal a cat face in the middle of the page. This project was a big learning curve for me and I enjoyed every minute of it, very proud to finally see it in print!

Pins are now available here! There is only one available of each as they are hand drawn. I also take orders either here or on Etsy, so if you want me to make you a little pin, do send me a message! I’ve had a lot of fun making these.

Little sneak peek of one of my images for my MA Project. Hanging the show next week. Will post more info about it soon for any of you who want to join me in London!

A while ago I got in contact with Life Clothing in California about my ‘Lion’ piece. I can now finally show you the result. The tops are available on Urban Outfitters under the brand name ‘LIFE’. Click here if you want one of these lovely tank tops!

Just saw these have already sold out guys!