Hi! My name is Feline Zegers, I'm a freelance illustrator and photographer from the Netherlands currently living in the UK. I have a BA in Fine Art and Photography and am currently studying at Camberwell in London for my MA in Illustration. This blog is a collection of works made by me and some things that I find inspiring. Please visit my website at www.felinezegers.com

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Colouring this at the moment as a test piece for my MA project.

Made a little practice piece over the holidays. Kinda like this style of colouring. Don’t know what else to do with it at the moment so here you go…

:) x

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Todays experiment. It’s a drawing, with a bit of collage.

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Work in progress…..

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Will put these up for sale when they’re finished :)

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Sketch….might do some line work tomorrow, don’t know yet. I feel very self conscious posting sketches haha, at least it pushes me to do better I guess….

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Sketches from the last couple of days

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Some kind of ‘mystic’ person/character….just a sketch/doodle really. Decided I have to sketch more as I’m really bad at making quick sketches, so I guess this is a start…..


Feline Zegers, 2013

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I’m having fun with this. Just sketching away, part of a personal project :). On a side note, I’ve noticed that drawing a nice bum is pretty difficult haha!

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Yes still working on this….think I know what I want know, just don’t know about the shirt yet but I’ll get there. 

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I tried to be looser, faster…..and not think too much, don’t know if it worked haha but I’ll leave it here for now. 

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More lines…..time for some colour now :)

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Don’t even know…..30 min sketch