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Yes, it’s give away time again. Thank you to everyone that follows me, sends me messages and leaves me comments! I’m doing a give away of my work ‘Knight’ from the Bone Mother series. It’s an A3 size print and comes with a small white border for framing. 

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This give away will end at midnight on the 31st of december, so it will be a New Years present ;-). I’ll announce the winner on my blog and with a private message on january the 2nd.

Good Luck!

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Oh look it’s me! hehe


Estrie by Feline Zegers 

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'Leia Cole'
Feline Zegers, 2012

Probably the last one of these portraits. Was fun making them and good painting practice. Might make some designs around them, like the clothes they wear or something….don’t know yet.  

Feline Zegers, 2012 


'Zoey Scarlet'
Feline Zegers, 2012 


So, here’s my progress from today. Been working on this for about 8 hours on and off, was good practice. I might end up using her in another painting but I’ll leave it like this for now. Feel I’m starting to get the hang of blending colors in Photoshop, finally haha!

EDIT: Decided to give her a name. I’m thinking of doing a series of these portraits, as it’s good practice and I would really like to make descriptions of their characters….

Practice from a photo. Some things are still annoying me a little but I’ll fix those when I continue with the rest of it.

Quick sketch stuff, well, quick for me…..1,5/2 hours.

Feline Zegers, 2012


Made an illustration of the lovely Nyane from Nyane & Mpho. They’ve got a great blog and I always enjoy looking through their photos. Made this one for fun and because I like their style a lot :-). 


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I’m just gonna stop writing this, interested? click the images

Finished the pattern for the dress, now just have to add some background things and then I can focus on color.


Feline Zegers, 2012 


Decided to keep the background white as I just wanted to focus on making a ‘character’ and painting. I might draw her again, full body…or make her some ‘companions’ haha!


Final sketch
Feline Zegers 2012


Time to start coloring it! Finally….