Hi! My name is Feline Zegers, I'm a freelance illustrator and photographer from the Netherlands currently living in the UK. I have a BA in Fine Art and Photography and am currently studying at Camberwell in London for my MA in Illustration. This blog is a collection of works made by me and some things that I find inspiring. Please visit my website at www.felinezegers.com

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Quick sketch stuff, well, quick for me…..1,5/2 hours.

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Feline Zegers, 2012


Made an illustration of the lovely Nyane from Nyane & Mpho. They’ve got a great blog and I always enjoy looking through their photos. Made this one for fun and because I like their style a lot :-). 


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I’m just gonna stop writing this, interested? click the images

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Finished the pattern for the dress, now just have to add some background things and then I can focus on color.

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Feline Zegers, 2012 


Decided to keep the background white as I just wanted to focus on making a ‘character’ and painting. I might draw her again, full body…or make her some ‘companions’ haha!

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Final sketch
Feline Zegers 2012


Time to start coloring it! Finally….

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Feline Zegers, 2012 

Some practice, just for fun :-)

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Feline Zegers

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Graduation project

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Graduation project

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Feline Zegers


Finally done. First time drawing a guy and drawing armor! Was fun doing this though, good learning experience. Might still mess around with the face in the next couple of days if I feel like it but for now I think it’s finished :).