Hi! My name is Feline Zegers, I'm a freelance illustrator and photographer from the Netherlands currently living in the UK. I have a BA in Fine Art and Photography and am currently studying at Camberwell in London for my MA in Illustration. This blog is a collection of works made by me and some things that I find inspiring. Please visit my website at www.felinezegers.com

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Thank you that’s very kind of you! :) x

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A kitty gentleman with a black gem…hand drawn on shrink plastic. It’s a little brooch/pin. Making a few for fun and might put them on my etsy at some point next week. If anyone would like this one, they’ll all be going up for 4 pounds :).

Some sketches for my uni project about The Erl King

Some sketches for my uni project about The Erl King.

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That’s so cool! Hope you’re having a good time :-) xx

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Thanks so much, that’s a great interpretation! x

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I only just saw this! For some reason my messages aren’t showing up. Anyway, thanks for contacting me! I tend to use photoshop for my animal drawings as I find it easier to to delete certain parts that I’m not happy with. I do sometimes draw them by hand with pen and ink but for the amount of detail I want, I find photoshop a lot better. My reason for doing the animal drawings is quite simple really, they’re very relaxing! I love doing detailed work and find that it calms me down in a way, so that’s why I started doing them :-) Hope this helps! x

Colouring this at the moment as a test piece for my MA project.

Made a little practice piece over the holidays. Kinda like this style of colouring. Don’t know what else to do with it at the moment so here you go…

:) x

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Thank you so much! :-) xo

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Todays experiment. It’s a drawing, with a bit of collage.

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Work in progress…..

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Done, 22 little faces on A1, pentel brush, ink and pencil, uni project :) (crop)

On the cover of issue 4 of Ink & Arrow Magazine, interview inside. My friend Lee Court has an interview up in this issue as well!